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Recycling materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal will prevent the depletion of natural resources. Recycling contributes significantly to the country’s economy, the amount of foreign currency paid for imported scrap material will decrease and significant savings will be achieved in energy use. Recycling paper reduces air pollution by 74%, water pollution by 35% and water use by 45%. In addition, plastic recycling prevents environmental pollution and also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission values. Thanks to the collected plastic waste, the energy and resource usage required for plastic production is reduced.


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PACIFIC PLASTIC company was established in 2009, operating in the plastic packaging industry with its innovative technology, adopting customer satisfaction and high-quality production as a principle. Quality-focusing packaging production, special solutions according to customers’ demands, competitive price, innovative production also timely delivery policy is taking firm steps forward to its goals.


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Graphic-Design has an important place in the product promotion strategy. Our experienced designers provide all kinds of technical support for creating a new design or improving the existing design.


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